About eBizNET

eBizNET – The Supply Chain Experts

Welcome to eBizNET Solutions, a provider of supply chain technology solutions to organizations worldwide and straddling the entire spectrum of supply chain execution – from point of entry of goods at port to ongoing consumption, value addition, distribution and reshipment of the products to various supply chain actors along the value chain, customer, suppliers and intermediaries alike. At eBizNET solutions, we provide you with an array of technology solutions that enable the automation of every supply chain need of yours – from the more traditional port and cargo management systems, your distribution needs involving warehousing, transportation and to more contemporary requirements involving the entire life cycle of service logistics. Importantly, we at eBizNET realize today that tomorrow’s supply chains are one of convergence and collaboration, involving the whole, rather than the parts of the ecosystem, and catering to the complete diasporas of myriad supply chain requirements. eBizNET fulfils this imminent need to enable collaborative supply chain execution across a single platform and literally, over a single click! And, rolled out over a hybrid deployment framework involving either the traditional on-premise model or the more innovative and recent cloud computing model using Software-as-a-Service, Pay as You Grow software platform and focused in enriching customer experience and value creation. All aimed at helping customers deploy solutions faster, realize returns on investments quicker, and importantly manage their supply chains efficiently using all pervasive technology, that is robust and future perfect, that means business to not just the big customers, but ideal for adoption by small and medium sized enterprises as well.

Fast Facts

  • 85 Supply Chain Experts & Industry Veterans
  • End-to-End Consulting and Solution expertise
  • Range of customer: From SMB to Fortune 500 companies around the world and across several industry verticals
  • Multi-vertical spread of engagements spanning 3PL, Automotives, High-Tech & Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Retail, and Food & Beverages
  • 18 Strong Application & Technology Partner Relationships
  • Over 5000 users on SaaS platform