Case Studies

Learn more about how our customers have created new value across their supply chains deploying solutions from eBizNET and our industry partners. These select case studies discuss the challenge, the solution, and the return on investment attained on these key supply chain initiatives.

Alpha Comm Enterprise, Inc: Accelerated Business Growth with Agile WM Solution
Read in how Alpha Comm witnessed increased revenue growth and customer retention by leveraging warehouse management solution to support its order to cash cycle and customer relationship management.
a2b Fulfillment, Inc: Customized Robust WM Solution
Read more on how eBizNET helped a2b Fulfillment, Inc deploy a robust single window warehouse management solution that enabled better visibility to all users across the supply chain and improved real-time decision making.
Genco: Single Window Warehouse Management Solution
Learn how Genco was able to meet all its warehousing needs through a single window solution that improved operational efficiency and empowered Genco with complete access and control on the supply chain.
Reliance Communications: Meeting Market Demands with Scalable Distribution Solution
Gather insights from Reliance Communications success story where the communication giant leveraged a scalable distribution solution with features of Reverse Logistics to acquire global visibility across the distribution network and manage the extended supply chain from vendor to end user.
Federal Marine Terminal, Inc: Zero Revenue Leakage with Robust Core Execution Platform
FMT’s featured success story that recounts the deployment of a scalable, highly cost effective and quick Core Execution Platform leveraging eBizNET’s expertise in Cargo & Terminal operations that enabled in curtailing revenue leakages to zero, enhanced better resource utilization and improved cash flow management.
GlaxoSmithKline plc: Secure, Smart & Counterfeit-Proof Drug Supply Chain with ePedigree Compliant Solution
Have a look at how eBizNET leveraged its supply chain expertise and effectively utilized 2D Barcode & Serialization Technology to deploy a scalable and robust regulatory compliant solution for GSK enabling strong supply chain visibility, better access and control across the distribution network and minimum pilferages & revenue losses.
Nokia: Efficient Aftermarket Operations with Unique Reverse Logistics Solutions
Creating ‘service’ as a key differentiator Nokia was able to uphold its numero – uno status by leveraging eBizNET’s expertise in Reverse Logistics to manage its aftermarket operations that showed 300% improvement in it’s turn-around-time for service delivery and achieved zero warranty leakages and fraud.